How to Make Spanish Wings and Rice

This is a one pot dish that pleases most palates and gives wings a special place in your heart. This is no joke, it works and will feed the gang a satisfying meal without much perspiration. Even the challenged cook can be an expert with a bit of patience and the ability to read. This is not brain surgery, it’s like making a stew… add candles and you might impress your sweetheart. First grab your rice cooker then get your sombrero on and get cooking.

Spanish Wings and Rice


3-5 pounds chicken wings (Turkey wings do work)

2-3 Tablespoon Olive Oil

1 15oz can diced tomatoes

1 16oz jar Salsa Verde (I like Pace)

1 Large onion (softball size) fine diced

1 cup celery fine diced

1 carrot grated

1 Cup long grain rice

5-6 cups chicken stock (Box or caned stock works)

1 Tablespoon Garlic Powder

1+ teaspoon Cumin (I start with a teaspoon and add to taste)

1+ teaspoon sea salt (I start with teaspoon and add to taste)

½ teaspoon fresh ground black pepper (optional)

Grated Taco Cheese (Use your favorite)


In a deep heavy bottom pot brown chicken in olive oil. Remove chicken from pot and set aside. Saute onions, celery, and carrot till onion is translucent. Add Salsa Verde, diced tomatoes saute till warmed through. Add chicken stock and spices, return chicken to pan. When stock comes to a boil, taste for seasoning and adjust if necessary, add rice…when stock return to boil cover and lower heat. Now wait twenty minuets…no peeking. Serve with each bowl getting a portion of the grated taco cheese.


It has been suggested Chicken Boobs can be used for this…It’s your pot and your kitchen you decide what ingredients you want to work with and eat. If you want to try the boneless, skinless boobs that are so popular I would cut them into strips an inch or so wide.

As written this is mildly spicy. If you have a need for heat add a few jalapeno peppers diced with the onions. Also a bit of Tabasco on the side for the one in the family that needs it. I have also served aside dish of fried jalapeno peppers for an enhancement that will spice up your meal.

A nice loaf of corn bread is a wonderful enhancement to this casserole.

OK this recipe is yours. Invite the Rabi, Minister, Padre, to bring their spouse to a meal that pleases. Tell them to be prepared for a feast they will never forget. Mizpah ;-}} gt;

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