Durabrand Paper Shredder by Aurora Review

There was a time when the only people shredding papers and documents were crooked politicians and other dishonest folks trying to destroy evidence. That is not the case anymore. Identity theft is rampant everywhere and nobody wants to give the “bad guys” a chance to steal their information. Enter, the home paper shredder. There are several on the market, easily found in office supply stores, Wal Mart, K-Mart, and other merchandise outlets.

Durabrand is the best value available for the money. It is small, compact, comes with extenders on both sides for convenient placing over a garbage can, and is installed by plugging it in. Nothing to it! All your old bills, junk mail, and unwanted private correspondence can be a thing of the past in a matter of seconds.

Durabrand paper shredders come with a small booklet on maintenance, operating instructions, trouble shooting, and a one year limited warranty. The booklet is written in English, French and Spanish.

“Operation” instructions for the Durabrand paper shredder list the names of the functions and their location on the top of the machine for convenience.

“Warning” explains the dangers of allowing jewelry, hair or clothing to get caught in the shredding mechanism of the Durabrand. It also suggests that you keep children and animals away from it as it can cause injuries if mishandled.

“Maintenance” instructions for the Durabrand are very simple. If the shredding papers get caught, you can remove them by the press of a button to back up the shredding process. The manufacturers recommend that you oil the Durabrand every month by drizzling a small amount of vegetable oil on a piece of clean paper and running it through the shredder. This will keep the Durabrand in good shape and shredding your unwanted papers for years.

The “One Year Limited Warranty” protects the buyer from defective parts or workmanship for the first year after purchase. Aurora will replace any defective parts at no cost to the buyer. Any damage caused by the purchaser is, of course, not covered in the Warranty and the responsibility of the buyer to repair or replace.

The Durabrand paper shredder is fun to watch. Carefully sliding a sheet of paper into the space provided and watching it gobble up the paper is amazing. If you use a big envelope, or one that has several sheets of paper in it, the Durabrand may balk and not shred it all the way through. Although you can place three or four sheets in at the same time, it isn’t recommended that you overload the Durabrand. It doesn’t take much longer to use fewer sheets and the results are the same; paper shredded thin enough for confetti strips!

The Durabrand paper shredder by Aurora can be a great asset in your home or office and deliver a feeling of security at the same time. Having your identity stolen is no picnic, and the Durabrand is an inexpensive way to have a little extra protection.

My wife has been carrying boxes of old mail that she was afraid to dump in the garbage for fear of identity theft. The Durabrand paper shredder is the perfect solution for us. She can get rid of all the old bills and such without any worries. And a new batch will be shredded as soon as she needs to. The Durabrand is a great addition to our home.

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